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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A day at Disneyland is serious business

It isn’t just for kids. Disneyland is for adults too. To have a good trip to Disneyland you have to do your homework. What? You don’t do any research before you go to the park? Oh my, well, let me tell you how to plan a trip to the Happiest Place on Earth.

First, check the Disneyland website calendar page. This will tell you the hours the parks are open, what fireworks,shows and parades are scheduled and what rides are closed for refurbishments. When the calendar shows an early closing time for Disneyland it means that they do not expect a large crowd (or in May and June in can mean there is a Grad Night event.)
You may want to check ticket prices while you are on the Disney website also. It is really important to buy your tickets before you arrive the day of your visit. It gives you one less line that you will have to wait in.

Get to the park before the gates open. REALLY! The Mickey and Friends parking structure opens one hour before the park on most days. Try and get there when the parking structure opens and then board the tram for your ride to the park. If you already have tickets you have the option of heading over neard the Disneyland hotel and boarding the monorail to enter the Disneyland park. If you are at the gates 15 to 30 minutes before the park opens this is a good thing!

As you enter the park be sure to grab a Map and show scedule(or maybe 2) for your stay. The map shows where everything is. The show scedule tells you about the shows and parades and lists where Character picture opportunities are. These 2 tri-fold brochures are available at the gate as you enter or you can zoom over the Guest relations where they have a supply of them hanging on the wall. If you don’t heed my advice or lose your guides you can ask any of the many maintenance people for a new one.

Have you piloted the Mark Twain, sat in the tender (front) of the Disney Railroad train as it circles the park, enjoyed the view from the front Monorail car while you talked to the engineer? You haven’t? You better subscribe to my blog and stick around while I share the things I’ve learned by being a total Disneyland nerd.

This is a picture taken in the Autopia Golden Ride vehicle. These vehicles are at the park for Disneyland’s 50th Anniversary and may be leaving soon- that is a secret I don’t know.


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